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March 2014

Midland Mermaids - Just add water!

Midland MermaidsMidland Mermaids

It's official ! Our dedicated team - The Midland Mermaids - are the 10th best Ladies Underwater Hockey Team in the country !

With no less than 4 goals scored and only one player sin binned ( albeit twice ) it was "... a character building experience... that are sure to go from strength to strength..."

Well done girls!

If you are interested in joining the
Midland Mermaid Team ( or are into 'spooning' ) Then please contact us here.

November 2013

Possibly the world's deepest Underwater Hockey ... erm... flick..?

World's deepest Underwater Hockey Flick Nemo 33

Peter Short demonstrates what it would look like playing Octopush at 34.5m ( 113ft ) on a diving trip to Nemo 33 - the world's deepest indoor swimming pool in Brussels with Scubanaught Dive Club.

Having contacted the adjudicators at Guinness World Records - it appears that due to not wearing your regulation polo cap your record attempt was rejected. Sorry Peter.

November 2013

NOC Nautilus Team 2013

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

On Sunday 3rd November, 2013 Team NOC got up at 6am and drove to Sheffield. At about 9pm they all got home again.

For the full match report - See Here.

October 2013

NOC Annual Tournament

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

The brainchild of Jacqui, a trophy designed and crafted by Nath and 5 teams hungry for supremacy!

And on Sunday 6th October 2013,
Team NOC met with teams from Mansfield, Coventry, Warwick and York to battle it out in the first ever Midland Challenge!

A great afternoon out followed by beer, revelry and a large basket of chips!

And who won..? For the full match report - See Here.

August 2013

Our proud contribution to Team GB

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Kenton, our Underwtarer Hockey coach, advisor, guru and finest player was again selected to play for Team GB Mens Masters at Eger, Hungary in the 18th World Underwater Hockey Championships where they came a brilliant 3rd!

No excuses though Kenton - we still expect to see you back for training on Wednesday!

July 2013

NOC doing their bit to keep the Olympic dream alive

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottinghamUnderwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Nath and Mike proudly don their new Nottingham Octopush T-shirts and hold aloft an Olympic Torch at a promotional event in Nottingham ( they weren't trusted with a lit one... ) Surrounded by Bouncy Castles and Scubanaught's very own inflatable, word of NOC soon got around and we look forward to welcoming our 'press ganged' newbies to sessions in the near future!

July 2013

Nottingham get bronze at Batley!

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Team NOC claimed their first ever piece of silverware, finishing 3rd at the Batley tournament.

Alas the squad was desimated with players dropping like flies. However Nath, Jacqui and Tim soldiered on, and with the assistance of several Batley players, saw off competition against Liverpool Uni, Islington and NEMOC to claim their bronze medals.

Attentions now turn towards the East Midlands Challenge before Nautilus in November when Nottingham will be looking to gain promotion out of division Five.

February 2013

National preliminaries 2013

Here at NOC we love a challenge and teaming up with players from Mansfield, we sent a strong team all the way to Crawley. Although we did not win a match we held all teams to single figures.

And on the plus side, half the entry fee was refunded for not going through...
( Every cloud... )

December 2012

Christmas 2012

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Well done Vicky for making the whole thing possible!

If anyone has any pictures of this festive occasion ( other than a stuffed turkey ) then please - send them on in!

November 2012

Nautilus 2012

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

For the full match report - See Here.

June 2012

Batley 2012

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Not sure where we actually came in this one but we did look good in our new Speedos and afterall...

" long as we have done our best then no-one can do more..."
( Quote from "The Flashing Blade" theme tune - a classic 60's TV series... )

May 2012

The anxious wait is over - our new kit has arrived!

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

Well done Peter for all of your effort for finally turning this dream into reality. Don't be last to order yours - and remember NOC'ers - wear your kit with pride!

January 2012

Our first official squad photo...

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

...that took the media by storm...!

Underwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottinghamUnderwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottinghamUnderwater Hockey (Octopush) in nottingham

We didn't quite make Oprah, but we did make East Midlands today! - See Here