How long will I have to hold my breath?
As long as it takes to duck dive to a depth of 2m, sprint up to and back tackle an opponent, turn around, dodge another opponent (or two), advance the puck along the bottom of the pool and pass on to another team mate, who may then pass back to you and then on you go to score... and then you're allowed to come up for air.... GASP!
(Try saying all that in just one breath...!)

Alternatively you may just quickly drop down, retrieve the puck, quickly flick it on to a waiting team mate and then come up for air. Job done and dusted within 5 seconds!

It all depends on your experience, skill, stamina, teamwork and team position. Some players seem to have infinate 'bottom time' whilst others make quick calculated drops.

It is sometimes surprising how long you can actually hold your breath for though - expecially when you're breaking away with the puck. The gap's closing between you and the opposing goal, there's no one to pass to and you know the foe are desperately chasing you on the surface, picking their moment to swoop down...

However, with good teamwork you'll always be backed up and a team mate will make themselves available to pass to. No-one will ever hold it against you when you need to come up for air whatever the circumstances (at the end of the day we all need to breathe!)