What equipment do I need to play?
If it is your first time playing underwater hockey, we ask that you bring as much equipment as possible although we do have a limited supply of masks and fins that we can lend you for the first few sessions.
(Obviously bringing your own will more than likely provide a better fit!)

Mask And Snorkel
The mask must be fitted with safety glass and be dual lens.
The snorkel must be pliable with no sharp ends.

Made of non dangerous, pliable, synthetic material. Ideally full foot fins.
(ie no nasty buckles or catches).

Pair Of Old Socks
To prevent blisters from rubbing fins

We can provide sticks, gloves and water polo caps - again after a few weeks you may want to buy your own, especially sticks and gloves as they are a personal choice. A mouthguard is also a must.