What on earth is Octopush..?
Octopush (AKA Underwater Hockey) is a team sport which tests all facets of sport and then to top it off, tests how long you can hold your breath! Its fast, dynamic. requires great team work and you have to be a little bit crazy!

It was created by us wacky Brits back in 1954 when one day, Southsea diving club were fed up of swimming lengths to keep up their fitness levels. And so with a lump of lead, and a handful of shuffleboard sticks (ask your parents kids), Octopush was born.

In this non-contact sport, two teams of 6 take part with 4 additional subs available. It is played at the bottom of the pool with the puck weighing 1.2kg. All players wear a mask, snorkel, waterpolo cap (for ear protection), fins and a protective glove to stop nasty little scrapes on the pool tiles. Each player also has a bat / stick / pusher and the object of the game, like many team sports is to score goals.

For more information visit The British Octopush Association